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I really love the concept of this and it's certainly challenging at times! 

ì like the game  but my mouse is broken so  i couldnt really get past the first chapter. will try again when i get a new mouse

In the first chapter I got trapped in a mountain somehow.  Even with the bugs, I really like the concept and the simple controls.  I'd love to see more with this.

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really cool concept and very well put together. The sword felt very natural to control and there was a real sense of weight when carrying the prince.

I also loved the art. Just a very pleasant game overall. It certainly had it's frustrating parts, with the prince's weight making precision difficult, but I'm sure that's part of the design.

Unfortunately the game bugged out when I beat the dragon :( the camera followed the dragon under the ground and I couldn't move the prince to the princess to see the ending. But it was fine the second time I tried, I'm glad there are many checkpoints close together in the last chapter so trying again wasn't too frustrating.


Thank you for playing! We will look into the camera bug. Some difficulty spikes are a bit harsh still so we are considering updating the flow a bit to adjust this some more.

Thanks for the feedback!

The game seems really cool but it keeps crashing in the tutorial when i'm trying to deflect the arrows

I want to enjoy this game but it's very frustrating to get past the first chapter. I've beaten getting over it like 2 times so it shouldn't be that hard? The mouse controls need fixing I believe. Even on any resolution didn't help

We are internally testing a different flow for the levels and adding some extra content and fixing and tweaking.
Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Bug: Changing resolution causes the buttons acctual clickable area of the adjustment arrows to deviate in uexpected ways, making it very confusing and time consuming to change resolution. Also sometimes the arrows stops working.

Thank you for the bug report! We will look into it.


I started off with the best of intentions, but I quickly got quite cranky with this petrified prince! He doesn't need to feel slime when he has angered me 😂

A very fun yet challenging game, and quite a good length too. The first chapter took me 30 minutes to get through, so there's a few hours of gameplay here!

Thank you 💖


Awesome game with cool features. 

messy stuff:

I think adding a safe point would not destroy the games feel, but it would make my play session more enjoyable.

Cool stuff:

it was a unique take on the platformer genre. and the art and music fit really well. 

I personally will try to beat the entire game and maybe speedrun it?

buy this game if you like cool platformers and cute pixel art. 

Thank you for playing!
We will discuss your feedback about more safe points!
At what point or points did you expect a safe point? (you can also send a message directly if you want to clarify a bit more)


The game atmosphere is mesmerizing and the core mechanics is pretty unique I would say. The chapters are fun and challenging. Only thing that bothered me while playing is that in the first chapter each time you die you have to read the story again. Other than that I really liked this game.

P.S : Loved the music..

Glad you liked it! Thank you for the feedback about the repeating story when you die. We will patch that!
I'll give the compliments to our awesome audio artist.
Thanks for playing!


I loved this game! Such an innovative and funny approach to game play mechanics and definitely fits with the lore! Had so much fun while trying to complete the chapters! They can sometimes be a little challenging to pass the obstacles or deal with some enemies, but its very much doable if you learn how to control that Sword :) Price is also on point, don't miss it!!

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Thank you!


This game is awesome. This is a (for me) entirely new way of playing the hero. I love the way the prince cowards in fear and you, the sword, do all the action. Beautiful art style. Can't wait to challenge people for a speed run.

We will probably do a speed run event some time soon. With streaming etc. It will be announced on our discord server:


Loved it! A nice condensed adventure with interesting challenging levels.
Each chapter having it's own theme and different obstacles.
It felt unique and not just gimmicky.
I will continue and try to beat my own time and I'll challenge my friends as well :D!