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SCHiM is a game about jumping through shadows in a challenging and lively environment, touch the light and it's over! This 3D platformer takes elements of light & animation and adds them directly to the gameplay, delivering an experience that you will only find in SCHiM.

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Created by:

Ewoud van der Werf

Extra Nice
Extra Nice
Additional Level Design & Support

Press kit:

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsExtra Nice, Ewoud
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Abstract, artgame, Casual, Isometric, Puzzle-Platformer, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Guess what, im still waiting for 1 years!, you can see my comment below :3.


love the art style!!

I'm waiting eagerly for this game. Hope it comes out soon 

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Where do we play it at?

And when will it be released on switch?

how do you play it?

It's not released yet. You can follow us on social media and or wishlist it on Steam to stay up to date.

Really happy for this game but , one problem. Is it gonna be on android? If so I'm very happy, If not please make a version.


The initial version that is currently in development is for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. After that we will look at the mobile version (which will be different in quite a few aspects).


Settings :

  • Volume
  • Screen Space
  • Shadows
    • On
    • Off

I've done it, I've beaten the game!


I think you might have unlocked hard mode instead...




We appreciate your enthusiasm! Feel free to join the SCHiM discord server to engage more with us and others about SCHiM. We still have quite some development ahead but we do interact with the community. We will also eventually do some playtesting with members of the community!

sounds good, okay.


Be sure to tell us the demo :)

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I’m loving the art style of this game. Saw this on reddit.


I made an account just to comment and say how cool this looks. I'd love to play this game when stoned lmao


You inspired me so i did the same




looks beautiful!


This game is looking incredible so far! I saw today on Twitter and immediately came here to wish you good luck on developing Schim!


Hello! I found your game via Pitch Ya Game Round 5 today! Looks awesome! I'd love to collaborate with audio for this especially some dynamic music to align to
the jumping mechanics. This could be that extra polish that hooks in publishers. If interested, I'm on Discord gamercomposer#5669 Happy Developing!


This looks amazing! I first saw it on Round 3 of #PitchYaGame and can't wait for it's release!


Thank you so much!