Relive medieval times

through the family tree of one of the four Noble Houses.
Marry your nobles with the other houses.

Survive for centuries and generations.
Grow your family.

Realistic biology based genes!

Watch the genes of your kin unfold
Experience the marvel of realistic,
simulated genotypes and observe the phenotypes!

House Sapwood
"Coetus in imperio" 
Fertility makes us grow

House Wincestor 
"Purissima huius spei genus"
Influence is power

House Krankhaus
"Salus et sanitas"
Good health endures all

House Salestor
"Sapientia superiores"
Knowledge is advantage

Which House
will you choose?

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
AuthorExtra Nice
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, family-tree, Gender, Life Simulation, Ludum Dare, Medieval, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare

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I genuinely got worried for my laptop by the end. Also I had like 3 "dynasties" stemming from a dude named Hugo lol

Wow, that is a huge family!


I love this and love the idea of a fuller version of this game - is that still in the works?

So do we! Unfortunately, we can't promise anything at this point.

Is this the same artist who does the art for Kurzesagt?!?

Haha, no. It's not a very difficult style to pull off. Probably why the Kurzgesagt artists used it for their animations.


I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to add in the future.


Simple fun when you don't want to think too much.

Some suggestions . . .

  • Allow cousin marriage (they're nobles after all)
  • Add pop up text with personality traits
  • Simple individual life events

Thank you for the feedback! We are looking into more features for a potential full game.


I really enjoyed this! It's a lot of simple fun, and I enjoy making up stories in my head about the various pairs. I agree with a lot of the suggestions in other comments (making young widows eligible again, gay relationships, pop-up events like feuds, etc.). If you work on this game more, I'd love to be able to review my family tree at the end of the era. Thanks for making it!

Thank you for the feedback!


A great game, I think that matching by similar ages and discarding the old ones of 50 years old by marrying them with someone of 17 helps to have new fiancees in 5 years, that and having between 3 and 7 children per family.


Brilliant game, I found it really enjoyable


More than a bit crap. Can't remarry? In what world? Boring.


This was fun. This was my best score. Had to end it as I was worried for my computer. 

Nice! You kept it going really long. What did you like the most about the game?


I love that I get to make a family dynasty. Even if I can't interact with each individual person, it's fun to see how big the family can get before I get bad luck, or my laptop starts to overheat.


it would be cool if eventually, they branch out far enough where they can marry from the same house so like 5 generations away they can marry each other or split and create new houses

(1 edit) (+3)

Thanks for your feedback! We've thought about this before and in the current version it's not really feasible. But maybe in the future we can do something like that.

oh my god this! I'd love to see this in a fuller version of this game, too!


Love love love this game!

In future expansions, can widowed characters get remarried? And maybe as part of this - can siblings "inherit" their deceased elder sibling's spouses (levirate/sororate marriages)?

We are considering it. Not being able to remarry will force players to select the spouse carefully. However, remarrying might save a player from losing a game out of pure bad luck.

I don't think inheriting spouses will ever be a thing. Moving characters around the tree would cause quite some tricky issues. Also, I don't think it's something a lot of players would expect, and the features we add have to be chosen very wisely based on work vs impact.

(2 edits) (+1)

what if each member, along with their name and age, also had a noble title (Egs: The Conqueror, The Wise, ect) or, they had a ranking (Egs: Lord, Duchess, Deacon, Ect)

Thank you for your suggestions. These are already ideas on our list for if we ever develop Noble further. So should that happen, you can expect them to be a part of the game!


I love coming back to this game when I needto pass the time. Sapwood has lots of children, Wincestor has more marriage options, Krankhaus live longer, but what does Salestor have?


Thanks for your comment. As a developer, this is always awesome to hear. Good question. I believe, the original plan was that they're the smartest, but we never got around to giving this an impact in the game. So for now let's say they're the most balanced ;)


I wish more stats were shown at the end. Like, how many people married in from the specific houses, how many died before they were able to marry, or died within the first few years of marriage. I LOVE STATS!!

Also, I feel like I need to know how some of them died. Sometimes, it's an entire family at once. Sometimes, the 17-year-old wife happens to die the year after marrying the 57-year-old man... suspicious if I do say so myself!

Either way, I do like this game!


Thanks for the thorough feedback! We might add more stats in the future.

The chance of death due to health reasons is genetic. So if someone dies early, you probably don't want them to have too much offspring ;)

Can you add an option to mute the sound effects? Thx!

If you're using Chrome or similar, you can just right-click the tab and select "mute site".

Thank u!


I really loved the game! It's a really good concept and was easy to understand. I wish there was a bit more to the game like other activities to do but I guess the main idea of the game is to make a family tree. 

10/10! Would definitely recommend!

Thanks! We're considering expanding the game in the future. What kind of other activities would you expect?

(1 edit) (+1)

I think pop-ups telling us of people who are of ages to get married would help a lot. Otherwise it's easy to forget about a family line. Maybe random events where a certain family has gained a lot of followers and you have to convince them to let them send over their children for marriage. That could be a mini game of some sort? 

Edit: Also, I think adding the ability to have someone added to a couple to break that apart and making that a fighting match of some sort would be another cool minigame. 

Thanks! Good suggestions for sure. We will discuss the options and directions we are going for soon.


not much information, some of my guys died like really early. seems like marrying with a slight like 5-10 year diff (guy or girl) helps alot

i got 5749 is that good? made it to the end

That's a good score, well done.

Did you enjoy it, though?

well, it just felt kinda pointless, like there is no significance in marrying one branch over the others or any reason to choose one family over another. also the ui is unintuitive since you drag your tree and the marriagable people from the familes, you cant zoom out, i had a very wide family and it was hard to keep up. i had so many descendants i ran out of people to marry into my family and i thought that since i married too much the other families sort of dried up in terms of marriable people. also everyone dieing is sad.


It's a late reply, but I want to make it anyway. The UI is indeed a bit unintuitive and we want to improve it in the future. You can actually zoom out, using the mouse wheel (or pinching on mobile devices).
It does matter which other houses you marry from since they have very different genetics which can have an effect on your family's offspring. But yes, it still misses a decent long-term goal. 

Is this game available on any other website besides this one, for some reason is having problems on my end

Sorry, unfortunately not. Maybe it helps to clear your browser cache for the site.

(2 edits) (+3)

Adding Events maybe a good Idea perhaps like a event like "A member of the house has broken away or has had a illegitimate heir" or perhaps adding Royal Kingdoms and if a house becomes to big they have a chance to become the royal house which gives them more options for ex more people will come faster to marry into the house also this would make a year system kind of needed for the events like if you become royalty before the founding of the New World when it is found you have a choice of naming one of making a new title for that land and finally please update the game more often also all that I put was for endless =D

EDIT= maybe if royalty is added family members can revolt to take control but this will need a follower system which is a lot to ask

Thanks for your suggestions and interest in the game!

Cool idea!. I enjoyed it.


This game is kind of racist. It seems like your only goal is to start off as an all-black house and marry your members into the whitest looking people available to elevate the average skin colour of your house.


Each house and character has different genes. The skin tone is one of the gene attributes but is not linked to anything else in the game (so not part of the goal for the player). Even though the game was made in only 48 hours we did find it important to add some diversity. We would love to expand on that even more in a potential future version of the game. The actual winning goals that cumulate into the score are: Years you manage to survive, number of family members, average lifespan, oldest family member times the number of generations. 


I love this game. I just wish there was incest




The man said it. Incest was and still is very common in historical royalty, not even limited to europe itself. It has existed since ancient egypt and the famous Tutankhamun married his sister.

Deleted post



got 81k score 


add incest its called nobles for a reason 

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks! Maybe one day it will become a standalone game...


Pls don't add incest idc how realistic it was lol (There are many people saying you should)


I wish it was possible to make gay families xD the line wouldn't grow anyway lol but doing so I think it would add some "challenge" 'cause if you do match the couples too randomly and too fast you could get someone who can't physically produce children together, as well as dying like it is now. (= adds more possibilities to dont be able to make the family tree growing, lol)

Or, it would be fun to add the possibility to cheat aha like adding a third person to the couples... illegitimate heirs! xD


Both interesting options we will consider in a future version of the game!


This if fun! I like the graphics, I love the idea!


Nice game! Got 7350

A very nice score!

needs intructions had no idea how to play

We will look into creating some instructions in the future. For the original game jam, we were out of time and left it at the original experiment to learn.
Thank you for the feedback!


I abolutely love this game! Ive actually played this game using playing cards in a very very similar way and is great to see it done well!

(3 edits) (+1)

This is approximately how I played the game(i changed it frequently to try and mke it better/experiment):

Take pack of cards
Seperate face cards from numbers
one black king red queen start at the top with a token on king for ruling
players can play from a deck of face cards to 'marry' other cards(place next to).
Also can play to 'birth' kids if married, first kid is first heir etc.
draw from the 'destiny deck' of the number cards, lower than 3 kills the top row of people and pass the ruling token down to the heir.
aces can be used to assassinate/kill people who are married to try and edge your dude in.

Cool, thanks for sharing the card approach!

We've also been thinking about expanding this game with a ruler mechanism but haven't had the time to truly look into it yet.

(1 edit) (+3)

It would be more realistic if when a spouse of your family member dies and the family member is young they can be remarried. Also it would be cool if distant cousins could remarry I hope you guys keep updating this game its really fun.


We will take these ideas in consideration for future development. Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words!


Seconding this. I assumed the game would be about how strong I could keep the royal blood by inbreeding., and balancing this against a failing empire..


Really fun game 



Deleted 3 years ago

This game is really fun to play, this game belongs at an app store. It would be nice to be able to download this. It's like more of a unique life simulator,  although it keeps reloading usually after generation 5 making me lose all progress 


Thank you, we're glad you enjoy it! 

Putting it on a store is a bit too much work for a one off that we'd have to offer for free (although ads might be an option). 

But it's a nice compliment. I'm not sure why the game keeps reloading for you. Probably because the time runs out?

I can't seem to play it using the Itch app. When I press launch it won't play.

Hm. That's strange. Hard to tell what's going wrong from here. There might be an output_log.txt inside of the game's folder (or the data subfolder). If you find it and upload it for me, I might be able to make a guess. 

Hi Thanks for replying. I press launch and it comes up with unity web GL and a white screen. Looked in folder and can not see what you are referring too. I'm on windows 10.

Oh, yes, of course. I should have thought of that (and so should It's a browser only game. So you can't play it from the itch launcher, only from here. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Cool concept, lots of fun! My only issue is that zooming in and out is a bit difficult, but I know you're no longer actively working on the game and I appreciate you making this free and easily available :)

Thanks! We made it for the last Ludum dare so it sure has some hard edges. We do plan on building on this in the distant future though! So stay tuned.


cool game


Hey! i love your gaem but could you make it possible to remarry after a spouse dies? ive had cases were the spouses dies and the other spouse is still alive and fertile and couldnt remarry causing me to lose <3 love the game!!!


Thanks for playing our game and the feedback! We're not actively developing it, so I don't think we'll still make changes to it. But as I mentioned previously, we might pick up the system again and create a new game around it. So I'll keep your point in mind!


I just came across this game today, and WHOOOOOOOOO BOYYYY am I hyped about it. I love family trees (especially ones with medieval themes) and I will definitely play this for a long time to come! The only think I find a little annoying is when I have two people get married but the one from the other family dies really early on and I cant have the spouse just remarry. It just feels like a waste of a person, especially when they are quite young. But nonetheless its an amazing game!!!


Hey Wallace, glad you enjoy our game so much!

Yeah, remarrying didn't make the cut when we had to prioritize. We still want to do stuff with this system in the future - maybe in another game jam.


It was a lot of fun playing this game ! I had to let my family go at around this score, but I probably could have continue more. I would love to see this game being developped more ! Maybe a story mode in the future ?

(3 edits) (+1)

Wow! That is one amazing score.

Thank you for playing. We really enjoyed making this game in the Ludum Dare game jam and we are looking into another internal jam. So we can look at it with fresh eyes!

More story and a challenging difficulty would be awesome!

I'm quite certain this is not the last you will see of Noble.

Thank you for your donation!


I love this game. It’s great how you can see how the genotypes all work out. Some suggestions could be events, such as war or technological advancements. It is a great game, good work.


Thank you! Events would be awesome. We got some ideas for those for a possible future update. The events would have effects on people who have specific genes or who lack specific genes. That way finding the right couples can give more weight to the game.
Thanks for the feedback!

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